Routledge Tourists, Tourism and the Good Life

Tourism is arguably one of the largest self initiated commercial interventions to create well being and happiness on entire planet. Yet there is a lack of specific attention to ways in which we can better understand evaluate relati


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Channel View Publications Tourism and Souvenirs

Souvenirs are part of global and local travel tourism in all corners of the world. This book portrays souvenirs as expressions of culture as triggers of cultural change. The volume provides critique theorisation of of places,


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Routledge Indigenous Tourism

In a world characterized by an encroaching homogeneity induced by the growth of multi national corporations and globalization, causes of difference accrue new levels of importance. This is as true of tourism as in many other spheres of life


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Panonceau Camping Tourisme

Concerne les hôtels, campings, parcs résidentiels de loisirs, résidences de tourisme, villages de vacances.. De 1 à 5 étoiles.. Panonceau Camping Tourisme avec protection anti graffiti, fixation comprise, plots décalés à visser au mur. Précisez le nombre d'étoiles.


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Channel View Publications Tourism in China

This book offers an in depth understanding of tourism development destination planning in China's transitional economy. It is a unique collaboration between editors contributors to present issues in current Chinese research to West


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Editions L'Harmattan Le Tourisme hivernal: Clé du succès et de développement

L'avenir des stations de ski est de plus en lié au changement climatique et aux évolutions et ruptures structurelles d'un modèle de développement peut être dépassé. Est ce la fin du "rêve blanc" ? La formule de "l'or toujours


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Lexington Books Tourism and Language in Vieques

After more than sixty years of occupation by the U.S. Navy and intensive community struggles, Puerto Rican island of Vieques was finally returned to civilian control in 2003. But, as this book documents, Viequenses' were far form


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Routledge Progress in Tourism Marketing

The aim of this book are two fold: (1) to evaluate the current progress of theoretical approaches to tourism marketing and (2) to show ways to further develop concept of for application within tourist destinations ind


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Channel View Publications Tourism and Religion

This book examines both specific issues and more general problems stemming from the interaction of religion, travel tourism with hospitality culture, as well as implications for site management interpretation. It explores oldes


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Channel View Publications Tourism and Development

This book explores and challenges the relationship between tourism development establishes a conceptual link discrete yet interconnected disciplines of studies studies. revised expanded second e


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